A Whirlwind 2010 So Far

Yes, it’s been a few months since I’ve blogged because so much has happened here at Casa de Nature Deva. We’ve had chicken issues to deal with in our tiny flock of 4. We became foster parents in February. We’ve been really sick! Even me! And we’ve been working on more home renovating projects, this time it’s the removal of the redwood deck and installation of a new patio and making plans for a front yard garden including raised beds.  We have been getting our main garden going, too and succession planted all winter in the greenhouse. And then there are the school projects – I am the chairperson of the new garden being planned and built at my son’s elementary school.  And of course, working at our real jobs, too.

So yeah, we’ve been busy.

I’m sure out of all that you thought, “Foster parents – when did that happen?” Our son, now 6, really, really wanted a sibling to live here and we felt that our best option to help out in our community at the same time would be to go the foster care route.  We went through the training and home inspections, background checks, etc all of last year and we finally became certified as a foster/adopt home in October, ’09.   We received a call on February 3rd of this year about an emergency placement of a little 22 month old boy who was dealing with neglect, speech delay and failure-to-thrive issues and those were some of the main things we thought we could help out the best with so we agreed and he’s been living with us ever since. For the most part it’s been great but he came to us sick with the RSV virus which is really tough on little kids and I caught it (or some other virus) from him due to being coughed on, lack of sleep/new stress and was sick for a good 2 months myself! Very unusual for me but we all got sick to some extent after he was placed with us.

The good news is that even though the little guy was dealing with illness and being underweight, he ate like a champ, was mostly happy, teethed 4 new teeth, grew in shoe size and height and because he had to go to his pediatrician so many times due to illness, we were able to keep good track of his weight gain and in 3.5 months of living with us, he’s gained 4 lbs! He’s finally getting better now. Sometimes when you are eating very little and what you did eat was crap, your body will purge out the bad stuff so I think his body has been doing that since he’s been thriving in all other ways at the same time. Good nutrition helps correct so many things!

My son is thrilled to have another boy here to play with, we got them bunk beds for their room and they are behaving just like brothers do – sometimes great, sometimes not so much. But you can tell they love each other. We hope we can adopt him but only time will tell, it’s all up to his bio-mom now.

Even though our lives were turned upside down and so quickly since this was an emergency placement I can see the good it’s had on this little boy.  It’s just like when you give birth and the whole family has to deal with the growing pains – this is similar to that except in our case, the “baby” is 2 and came in with his own experiences that we all had to adapt to. Even with just my short 3.5 months of doing this, I can see how fostering a child who is desperately in need of help is so important to do and how my family’s positive impact on his life will stay with him even if he’s returned to his mom. And the way the rules are changing here in my county, even if he’s returned home, we can still visit with him and help him/them if his mom agrees to that. A child can never get too much love and it really does take a village to help raise one!

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May 20 2010 12:19 pm | Fost/Adopt and parenting and society

3 Responses to “A Whirlwind 2010 So Far”

  1. Suzanne (Crunchy green Mom) Says:

    You all are amazing!

    So proud of you for taking on this little guy. I was a foster kid and finally adopted to another family after 1.5 years in foster care.

    Without people like you… little kids like me wouldn’t stand a chance!

    Warm Blessings!

  2. naturedeva Says:

    Thanks Suzanne! I didn’t know you were a fost/adopt child. I may want to pick your brain one day about this!

  3. Nathan Says:

    It seems like your year has been more hectic than mine which is saying something. As crazy as it sounds when my like is hectic like this I’m usually the most sane.

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