The Vegan Diet Gets Put To The Test On TV!

I love hearing about tv shows promoting really healthful and beneficial information that can truly help people. And very economically and fast, too. Dr. Oz is a doctor who does just that. He’s explained to people about alternative medicine, yoga, nutrition – especially from plants – what a standard American diet does to our bodies, how our organs look when we die from different diseases, etc. Now he has his own show and he put a meat-lovin’ cowboy, Rocco, on a 28 day vegan diet to reverse his bad heart disease and diabetes. No meds were involved, just plant based foods and exercise. Rocco decided to follow the program for the month because his only other option would be to do nothing and die relatively soon from having 97% plaque build up in his arteries. He’s a 53 yr old man walking around with the heart of an 85 yr old!

Well, the results in just 28 days are astounding! You have to see this follow up clip of Rocco’s results:

See? We don’t need to be drugged up and spending a fortune on prescription meds that barely keep the health problems in check and that would have to be taken for the rest of our lives (not to mention the scary side effects that come with the drugs) when a simple, earth-friendly and very economical change in diet coupled with some exercise (Rocco walks) can do the same thing and do it permanently. This way of eating REVERSES these diseases over time!

Go Rocco! Go Plants!

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November 09 2009 12:35 pm | food and green living and Health and nutrition and videos

2 Responses to “The Vegan Diet Gets Put To The Test On TV!”

  1. Ben Says:

    Absolutely amazing what we can accomplish with good food choices, isn’t it?

  2. Florence Says:

    Where’s the video? I clicked on the video, and it came up with a message – “This video does not exist.”

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