How Time Flies

I feel like such a lucky person – I am living the life I want (even though it’s not necessarily in the location I envisioned) and I am supported 100% by my partner.  It’s been seven years now living back in suburbia and still every October (which is the anniversary of us buying this “temporary” home we’re in) I am still amazed that I’m here and liking it! Granted, if we didn’t have a child, I’m sure we would have moved on already but I feel all things happen for a reason and we were strongly guided to buy this home over and over again when we were searching for a new place to live in the valley.

The main thing about why we bought this house is that it mostly fit my certain criteria I had in my mind for moving off of a self-sustainable compound high up in the mountains: we live next to a source of water (a creek that originates near where we just moved from) which is next to a bike path so I don’t have to use my car if I don’t want to and I can always get water (that I would filter) easily if something were to happen to city water; I have 2 fireplaces in my home and while I don’t think they are as good as a big wood burning stove like I was used to, they are very good in case the heat doesn’t go on for some reason or to just warm up the room we are in. We are across the street from a big park, 3 playgrounds & a public kid’s pool which is great for playing with my son and my dog (and happens to be where my son plays his soccer games); our yard was big enough for us to put in a large (and now even larger) fenced in garden area and a greenhouse as well as various other garden beds, 4 chickens & a movable coop, 2 huge compost bins area, a full cord of dry wood neatly stacked and a large shed. It also happens to be right across from an elementary school that is really great and the easiest commute I’ve ever had to do twice a day, 5 days a week! We also really didn’t want an HOA telling us what we can/cannot do (even a clothesline is illegal in many HOA’s). My husband also really wanted big trees which are all over my neighborhood and we have an amazing view out our window of the snow-capped Rocky Mountains and even the Continental Divide. And so far, I’ve been able to easily do both my healing work and my herbal products crafting out of designated rooms for them both in my home.

Even though originally I hated the idea of living in suburbia again after being off the grid with our own photovoltaic system, amazingly pure water source (which I now buy & have delivered every month), clean air and lots of land, I made sure we could still live as self-sufficient even on a quarter acre as we were used to on 35 acres. We could successfully grow lots more of our own food, too since we came down 4,000’ in elevation. Such a major bonus for us aspiring farmers!

Another great thing is that we live close to others who have much more land with their own little farms so I can bike over and buy fresh produce, eggs, etc if ever we needed that. We are pretty close to our town’s ever growing farmer’s market, too and have biked there several times this past summer using the bike path. We live close enough to major roadways to easily commute for various job locations, events, the airport and close enough for a quick drive up into the same mountains we moved down from. We are very close to shopping, too which really came in handy when my son was a fussy baby.

So as I re-evaluate our situation once again this October, I see how we made the right choice for buying our home that is almost completely renovated now. We just completed a kitchen renovation that is really rocking my world. I’ve put it to the test this harvest season and I’m in love. While it’s not as huge a kitchen as I have dreamed about, it really is very efficient, well-organized and PRETTY for getting the job done. Six years ago we installed a tankless hot water heater, whole house humidifier, whole house air filter and we buy 100% of our electricity from a wind farm (through our power company) and installed double paned windows all over our home. Its energy efficient and warm/cool as it should be. We also divert our roof water run off to the various garden beds and now that rainwater collection is legal here, we will set up some barrels for that, too. Who knows, now that we know we’ll be here several more years, maybe we’ll do photovoltaic solar panels on the roof, too.

One day in the future we will move onto our own few acres again into an alternative home we design/build but until that time comes, this place is really suiting all of my family’s needs so well. We have made our carbon footprint as small as it can be for living in suburbia. We also try to eat as much vegan food as possible – especially homegrown – and buy our dry goods in bulk through my co-op. I’m really working on introducing my son to more plant based meals now that he’s not as hyper-picky anymore and I’m so proud of my hubby for changing his diet so much! It’s better for our health, the environment and our wallets! We make very little trash since we compost and recycle the majority of everything we use. I love that!

I truly am a lucky person and am so grateful for my great life!

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October 13 2009 02:50 pm | gardening and green living and Home and sustainability

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