BPA-Free Water Bottles

I have been researching which new water bottles I want to switch us over to now that I know the majority of my heavily used water bottles are polycarbonate #7 bottles and unfortunately, full of BPA.  I live in a dryer climate and love using my water bottles so much, I carry one everywhere I go.  I even started to use it all the time in my house, too a few years ago because I found with a little kid around, a glass of water on a desk or table got knocked over more than I liked.

I feel like pounding my head into the wall over this because BPA is a hormone disruptor and causes infertility issues and has even been specifically indicated in a hormone disorder I have.  Needless to say, I’m seriously upset over this.

I saw this post today called “BPA-free water bottle showdown” over at the Gardenaut blog and have to give big kudos to them for taking the time to test so many details that I definitely wanted to know about.  It’s a really great review.

One of the Thermos brand and Kleen Kanteen brand water bottles they reviewed are similar to one we have here that my husband bought a long, long time ago for carrying his coffee in a briefcase (and never uses anymore).  It’s a stainless steel, double walled 18 oz screw top lid with cup on top.  I never thought about using it for water (and the double wall will insulate ice water to keep it cold for hours) because I’m a straw-top water bottle kind of girl.  We call it “mama’s sippy” around here since my son likes straw-top sippy cups and water bottles the best, too.  I’ve switched to using this stainless steel bottle and thanks to this new guide, I will find myself a new straw-top, BPA-free “mama sippy” once again.

I tell ya, you must keep up on everything nowadays.  There is so much toxic, chemical crap in our water bottles, toys, food, baby items, household products, cleaning products, bodycare products, clothing, landscaping products, etc.  You must read labels, read news articles, stay informed to keep yourself and your family as toxin-free as possible.  No wonder so many people in this country develop weird, funky diseases and/or cancer.  We are so over-exposed to toxins and basically our bodies are massively toxed out!

Everyone would benefit from doing a detox diet or flush a few times a year.  It really pays off for your health in the long run.

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May 12 2008 06:39 pm | BPA and green living and Health and Mel and news

7 Responses to “BPA-Free Water Bottles”

  1. A Mama's Blog (Heather) Says:

    Thanks for posting this- I am trying to find a 32oz. bottle- I think Sigg has one, but they are so expensive. I’ll be checking out this link. :-)

    A Mama’s Blog (Heather)’s last blog post..Mother’s Day

  2. Nicole Says:

    I’m a straw junkie too :)

    Can you do a detox at all when your BFing? I’ve wanted to do one but keep putting it off bc I’m BFing…but this looks like a lifetime job at this point….

  3. naturedeva Says:

    I wouldn’t do a real detox when bf’ing but if you feel that you are, be sure to drink lots of pure water and take some herbs or herbal teas or juice several ounces of wheatgrass everyday that will assist in getting it out of your body faster.

    Also, the act of weight loss is like a detox because many toxins are stored in the fat cells.

  4. crunchy domestic goddess Says:

    i just got our 4 camelbak water bottles that contained BPA replaced free of charge with their new bottles that are BPA-free. am pissed that my kids used them for the past cpl years (i didn’t know they had BPA in them then), but am glad we don’t have to worry about it any more now.

    crunchy domestic goddess’s last blog post..My new beauty secret or why my face smells like Italian food

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  6. Joyce Says:


    There is a great website http://www.thetickletrunk.com that sells all types of stainless steel products, including bottles. Cheap!! They will be getting stainless steel ice cube trays in March. We seem to have forgotten all about our ice! Freezing in plastic is not a good thing.

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